New Paper: The Cliff Edge Model of the Evolution of Schizophrenia

Prose, poetry, creativity…but hang on, did Evolution extort a heavy price for such human ingenuity? Perhaps. Of the many traits that separate modern humans from our close ancestors, Schizophrenia is one; a severe and disabling mental disorder unique to us Homo sapiens, which evolved as we diverged from archaic hominids including the Neanderthals and the Denisovans. Schizophrenia’s high prevalence (1%) also make its an evolutionary paradox. How did it evolve and why, despite it severely reducing evolutionary fitness, has Evolution not weeded it out yet, or at least made it rare? Philipp Mitteroecker and Giuseppe P. Merola review the many theories proposed to explain the evolution of Schizophrenia and test them against modern epidemiological and genetic evidence. They also present the first mathematical formulation of the Cliff Edge model of Schizophrenia, significantly demystifying this evolutionary puzzle. (Click on title to continue...)

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